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This has to be the ultimate tuba for any marching ensemble. The huge bell produces a massive sound, yet the 202MS/202M is easy to hold and easy to play. Despite its wide powerful sound, this instrument is actually lighter in weight than any other comparable tubas.Adjustable leadpipe positioning allows the player to control the balance of the entire tuba, and the vertical valve configuration provides comfortable, natural hand positioning.

Vertical valve configuration

For better comfort and improved playability.

    Designed by users

    The 202M has been designed to facilitate shouldering, and easy to maneuver in complicated formations.

      Double body bracing between bows

      Helps protect this accident-prone part of the tuba.

        Huge 20 inch bell

        This is largest tuba bell Yamaha makes; it creates a powerful foundation to your ensemble's sound.

          Adjustable leadpipe

          Allows each individual player to set the ideal center of gravity for perfect balance. The leadpipe is also very strong and won't accidentally move out of position during performance.

            Special tubing configuration

            Prevents condensation from pouring back into the leadpipe during ‘bell up’ passages.

              Raised bell angle

              Makes the 202M visually exciting and aids with tonal projection.

              Key                                    Bb
              Body                                 Yellow brass 
              Bell Diameter                    500mm (19 11/16") 
              Bore Size                         18.5mm (0.728") 
              Height                              1,052mm (41 7/16") Length 
              Valves                              Vertical 3 pistons 
              Finish                               Silver-plated 
              Weight                              9.3kg 
              Mouthpiece                      BB-67C4 
              Case                                Included