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The UX16 USB-to-MIDI Interface offers an easy way to connect MIDI-compatible keyboards and equipment to computers with a USB connection, ideal for older music keyboards and gear which lack their own USB connections. 

Which computers does UX16 work with?
The majority of Apple OSX computers and Windows-based PCs which feature USB should work with the UX16. 

Which keyboards can use the UX16?
Almost all Yamaha portable keyboards made in the last few years which don't already feature USB are likely to have MIDI sockets (5-pin din sockets). Most digital pianos, including Clavinova, also have MIDI socket connections. Any keyboard that has MIDI connectors will work with the UX16.

How many channels of MIDI does the UX16 support?
The UX16 can handle 16 channels of simultaneous playback. This will support your music production system with one MIDI OUT port (16 channels) and one MIDI IN port (16 channels). This is the number of channels you need to create and playback General MIDI files.

  • Connections: MIDI IN cable, MIDI OUT cable (each 1,250 mm), USB cable (600 mm) 
  • Indicators: USB indicator, MIDI IN indicator, MIDI OUT indicator
  • Power Supply: USB bus power supply
  • Dimensions: 86mm (W) × 36mm (D) × 16mm (H) 
  • Weight:  140g (5 oz) approx.