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Lewitt LCT 240 PRO 
Single-pattern microphone with high-performance capsule for all applications
Focusing on the essentials is the tagline for our LCT 240 PRO, a surprisingly versatile cardioid condenser microphone designed for everyone who’s eager to take the next step in professional recording. All basic applications can be covered thanks to its highly nuanced and transparent sound.

• Condenser technology
Condenser microphones are much more sensitive to sound than dynamic microphones. The LCT 240 PRO enables clean, modern, and detailed recordings. It boosts the airy frequencies for intimate and direct sounding vocal recordings.

• Fantastic sound - on all sound sources
For the LCT 240 PRO we have set ourselves the goal to design a microphone that delivers great sound for a wide range of applications. Use it to record vocals, acoustic instruments, amplifiers, drums, piano and many more - whatever you record, you will accomplish professional results; fast and uncomplicated.

• Handles even the highest sound pressure levels
Whether you want to record your tube amp at high volumes, drums, saxophone or other instruments that produce high sound pressure levels - with the LCT 240 PRO you are always on the safe side. It can handle ear-shattering sound pressure levels and is able to reproduce every sound source in a clear and precise way at any volume.